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Required Modules and Programs

You can download the perl modules from CPAN. The installation instructions are usually included are online as well.

HTML Editors

ere also requires some form of HTML editor which allows you to embed non-HTML tags. vim works :-) and you could use this ere syntax file. Other tools including DreamWeaver and Mozilla, work well if they enable you to edit generated HTML files directly and do not delete "unknown" tags.

When using an WYSIWYG HTML editor, it is recommended that you add the report specific tags after you are done with the editor. Some editors (Netscape Composer 6.2) delete unknown (to them) tags within your html file. Check your extra tags in the source file to be sure you understand how the editor may modify them.

Also when using a WYSIWYG HTML editor, don't forget to save the resulting .html file as an .xml or an .ere file for running the report.

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