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ere is a perl based report engine which uses an XML/HTML document specification as a template to produces an HTML report page.

Key Features

Pass through HTML
All HTML is passed through so you can create reports with any layout that HTML can support.

Parameters for dynamic Reports
Command line arguments and runtime variables enable you to write a report template and run it with criteria specified at runtime.

Multiple Query Reports
ere has the capability to run multiple queries and multiple breaks in your report against multiple databases. Data element repetition can run top to bottom or left to right, only limited by the structure of your query and the HTML.

This feature has been deprecated
Import Report Data into a spreadsheet
For PostgreSQL, the data producted by the queries can be teed off into a parallel csv (comma separated value) file. This file can be accessed in the report itself as a link. This enables people to upload the data into spreadsheets from their web browsers.

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