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Examples are the best way to learn to use ere. These examples where run with a script. When many variables are involved, it is a good idea to write a web application which prompts for report variables and runs the report. rerun is an example of that type of application. (But it is not yet generally available)

Here are a couple of very simple report types based on the PostgreSQL 7.3 system catalog. In all of these examples dbname, port, user and schema were passed. This is not shown in the command lines below.
Report XML Report Type Command Line and Output
tablelist.xml Tabular % tablelist > tablelist.html
tabbysch.xml Master/Detail % tabbysch > tabbysch.html tabbysch.html
tabatt.xml Master/Detail/Detail % tabatt rptschema=ere > tabatt.html
    % tabatt rptschema=rugby > tabatt_sch.html
    % tabatt rptschema=pg_catalog name=pg_namespace > tabatt_schtab.html
matches tabular with alternating color % matches > allmatches.html
    % matches ttype=Club > clubmatches.html
teamlist master/detail/detail % teamlist > allteams.html
    % teamlist area="Pac" > pacteams.html

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