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General Bits is a column loosely based on the PostgreSQL mailing list pgsql-general.
To find out more about the pgsql-general list and PostgreSQL, see
Issue # 51   10-Nov-2003
1 Hiatus
2 Only One True Value
3 Effects of multiple triggers
4 New German Language Mailing List
5 A simple explain question
6 Set Returning Functions with non-PostgreSQL front ends
Issue # 51   en Castellano
1 Interrupción
2 Sólo un valor verdadero
3 Efectos de Múltiples Disparadores (triggers)
4 Nueva Lista de Correo en Alemán
5 Una pregunta simple sobre EXPLAIN
6 Funciones que Retornan Conjuntos para Clientes no-PostgreSQL
Issue # 50   03-Nov-2003
1 Fifty Issues Old
2 Debian eRServer How To
3 Credit Card Validation
4 A Few Optimization Questions Answered
5 Perl Modules for PostgreSQL

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