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General Bits is a column loosely based on the PostgreSQL mailing list pgsql-general.
To find out more about the pgsql-general list and PostgreSQL, see
Issue # 36   28-Jul-2003
1 Little query tuning hints
2 When do I cast?
3 Notes from LinuxTag
4 Leaky Queries cause Cartesian Products
5 Showing Triggers
Issue # 35   21-Jul-2003
1 Sequence Skipping
2 Release Notes
3 Alphanumeric Sorting
4 Order Matters in the pg_hba.conf
5 Using variables in SQL scripts
Issue # 34   14-Jul-2003
1 Linux Journal
2 Opinions from O'Reilly's Open Source Conference
3 More Opinions from O'Reilly's Open Source Conference
4 Running Aggregates in PostgreSQL with plpython
Issue # 33   07-Jul-2003
1 Performance Tuning and the Annotated postgresql.conf
by Josh Berkus & Shridhar Daithankar
2 Searching without accents
3 Multi-Column and Redundant Indexes
4 What is $libdir
5 Two Installations on the same machine

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