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General Bits is a column loosely based on the PostgreSQL mailing list pgsql-general.
To find out more about the pgsql-general list and PostgreSQL, see
Issue # 5   23-Dec-2002
1 Sequences and Triggers
2 Index Maintenance?
3 Table Inheritance Cascading Delete kills off the kids
4 Using Sequence Functions: how to and how not to
5 Negative Queries
6 Setting DEFAULT column values
Issue # 4   16-Dec-2002
1 Copying Data out to a file: Permissions
2 Interbase function translated to a Postgresql function
3 CASE Statement logic
4 String Aggregate Example
5 Notice and other log messages
6 Editorial
Issue # 3   09-Dec-2002
1 Date and Time arithmetic examples
2 Recommended Reading
3 To "pin" or not to "pin"
4 TCP KEEPALIVE and connectivity
5 Counting rows
6 Timezone display and storage
Issue # 2   02-Dec-2002
1 Congratulations to the PostgreSQL Global Development Group
2 Using the to_char() formatting function
3 Logging
4 Copy errors indicate improper (dos) file format
5 Retrieve the latest record by date or timestamp
6 pgtcl: Data Manipulation counts
7 [GENERAL] Unwanted Log Entries

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