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Timezones in PostgreSQL  
Data by Aditya aditya at from src/backend/utils/datetime.c 17-May-2003

Zone UTC Offset Description
IDLW -12 Intl. Date Line, West
NT -11 Nome Time
AHST -10 Alaska-Hawaii Std Time
CAT -10 Central Alaska Time
HST -10 Hawaii Std Time
AKST -9 Alaska Standard Time
HDT -9 Hawaii/Alaska
YST -9 Yukon Standard Time
AKDT -8 Alaska Daylight Time
PST -8 Pacific Standard Time
YDT -8 Yukon Daylight Time
MST -7 Mountain Standard Time
PDT -7 Pacific Daylight Time
CST -6 Central Standard Time
MDT -6 Mountain Daylight Time
ZP6 -6 UTC +6 hours
ACT -5 Atlantic/Porto Acre
CDT -5 Central Daylight Time
EST -5 Eastern Standard Time
ZP5 -5 UTC +5 hours
ACST -4 Atlantic/Porto Acre
AST -4 Atlantic Std Time (Canada)
EDT -4 Eastern Daylight Time
ZP4 -4 UTC +4 hours
NFT -4 Newfoundland Standard Time
NST -4 Nfld. Standard Time
ADT -3 Atlantic Daylight Time
NDT -3 Nfld. Daylight Time
SET -1 Seychelles Time
WAT -1 West Africa Time
GMT +0 Greenwish Mean Time
UT +0 UT
WET +0 Western Europe
Z +0 UTC ISO-8601
BST +1 British Summer Time
CET +1 Central European Time
DNT +1 Dansk Normal Tid
FST +1 French Summer Time
MET +1 Middle Europe Time
MEWT +1 Middle Europe Winter Time
MEZ +1 Middle Europe Zone
NOR +1 Norway Standard Time
SWT +1 Swedish Winter Time
WETDST +1 Western Europe
BDST +2 British Double Summer Time
CEST +2 Central European Dayl.Time
CETDST +2 Central European Dayl.Time
EET +2 East. Europe, USSR Zone 1
FWT +2 French Winter Time
IST +2 Israel
MEST +2 Middle Europe Summer Time
METDST +2 Middle Europe Daylight Time
SST +2 Swedish Summer Time
BT +3 Baghdad Time
EAT +3 Indian Antananarivo Time
EETDST +3 Eastern Europe
HMT +3 Hellas (Greece)
IT +4 Iran Time
EAST +4 Indian Antananarivo Savings Time
MUT +4 Mauritius Island Time
RET +4 Reunion Island Time
SCT +4 Mahe Island Time
AFT +5 Kabul
AMST +5 Yerevan
IOT +5 Indian Chagos Time
MVT +5 Maldives Island Time
TFT +5 Kerguelen Time
ALMT +6 Almaty Time
BDT +6 Dacca
MAWT +6 Mawson, Antarctica
ALMST +7 Almaty Savings Time
CXT +7 Indian Christmas (Island) Time
WAST +7 West Australian Std Time
JT +8 Java Time
AWST +8 W. Australia
CCT +8 China Coast
WADT +8 West Australian DST
WST +8 West Australian Std Time
MT +9 Moluccas Time
AWSST +9 W. Australia
JST +9 Japan Std Time,USSR Zone 8
KST +9 Korea Standard Time
WDT +9 West Australian DST
CAST +10 Central Australian ST
SAST +10 South Australian Std Time
AEST +10 Australia Eastern Std Time
GST +10 Guam Std Time, USSR Zone 9
LIGT +10 From Melbourne, Australia
ACSST +11 Cent. Australia
CADT +11 Central Australian DST
SADT +11 S. Australian Dayl. Time
AESST +11 E. Australia
IDLE +12 Intl. Date Line, East
MHT +12 Kwajalein
NZST +12 New Zealand Standard Time
NZT +12 New Zealand Time
NZDT +13 New Zealand Daylight Time

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