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By A. Elein Mustain

16-Nov-2003 Issue: vacation

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General Bits is a column loosely based on the PostgreSQL mailing list pgsql-general.
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General Bits 10-Nov-2003

PostgreSQL General Bits will be on vacation for the two weeks following this issue. Please enjoy past articles from the Archives.

PostgreSQL General Bits will return with new features and a new issue on November 30.

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7.4 Release is now available
[pgsql-hackers] Release now live ... 16-Nov-2003

The 7.4 release is now available as source for production use. For downloads see There may be a day or two while the release is propagated to all of the mirrors and the alternative release packages are being built.

Congratulations and thank you to all involved in this release.

Contributors: PostgreSQL Global Development Group

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